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Meet Nici

Originally from Leipzig Germany, Nici Laskin has worked in healthcare and is local New Mexico freelance artist known for her space paintings and sci-fi themed art. In 2008, Nici began selling her paintings at the Las Cruces farmer's market where she developed an interest in metalsmithing, metalworking, and jewelry.

Joining Etsy in 2009, Nici began offering a line of squash blossom necklaces as well as massive handmade silver cuff bracelets with a concentration on Southwestern themes. Since 2012, the guitar pick business took over and Nici spent about 18 months catching up on an almost endless volume of back-orders, while balancing her passion for artisan crafted jewelry.

In 2015, Nici decided to create a website dedicate to just those metal guitar picks that took Etsy by storm and launched her into the #1 spot on Craftcount's music category.


Nici crafting on the road in Golden, CO

Nici crafting on the road in Golden, CO


When not hammering away, Nici enjoys hiking, going to the gym, gardening, reading and spending time with her hubby and black lab.