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Aluminum Guitar Picks

Aluminum Guitar Picks because Metal has a Lighter Side

Aluminum is the odd duck of the Nici's Picks collection with its extremely lightweight feel, but make no mistake, aluminum has all the prowess of a heavy metal pick in terms of rocking out the voodoo such as scrapes and taps while offering the familiarity and agility of a plastic pick. With countless alloys, dialing in the best alloy for rocking out required some serious experimentation. The 1000 and 3000 series proved to be bit soft, while the 6000 was muted and drab. Once we narrowed down our alloy selection to the 5000 series, we found the perfect balance in longevity, tone, weight, and low friction in a 5052 series which became the backbone of our aluminum pick collection.

The aluminum-magnesium alloys in the 5000 series are often used in marine applications for their resistance to salt water corrosion and provide us the ability to produce metal guitar picks for customers living on house boats, serving our country in the navy, or simply heading down to a salt water lagoon to jam with the gators.


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