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Blank Guitar Picks

Nici's Picks Wholesale and no Frills Collections

For guitarists looking for metal picks without engraving or fancy designs, but still appreciating the appearance and unmistakable feel of an artisan guitar pick, we offer blank guitar picks and bulk discounts on larger orders.

Corporate Events and Logos

With access to EDM Ramming technology and a custom percussion press, Nici's Picks can also create entire runs of guitar picks stamped with corporate logos or designs. These options are best suited for order in excess of 100 picks.

Acid Etching and Custom Engraving

Ideal for single one off requests, we can use an acid etching technique to transfer complex designs to our metal guitar picks. Acid Etching is by far one of our most creative techniques and allows us to truly venture into the realm of guitar pick art.

Specialized Coatings

Outsourcing your designs to a hologram manufacturer, we can apply their films to our guitar picks for adventures in psychedelia or to create swirling arrays of unique colors.

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