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Copper Guitar Pick with Hammered Angry Punk Texture

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This guitar pick was hammered by one really angry punk with a hammer and is perfect for making a statement while rocking out, while enjoying an artistic beautiful piece of art. The unique hammered copper guitar pick was cut from 17 gauge copper and hammered with three different sized ball hammers to create that amazing dimpled texture. While the pick is total eye candy for a music geek, the texture actually provides a great surface for gripping. In time the copper oxidizes and develops a natural stickiness where your thumb grips the metal, which further enhances the hammered texture, making those slippery picks under hot spot lights a thing of the past. The edges have been filed by hand and surfaces polished smooth for a perfect glide.

The copper guitar pick is also considered heavy on the guitar pick scale, with a metric thickness of 1 mm and weight of 6 grams. This handmade guitar pick measures about 1.25 inches long by 1.15 inches wide at the top, was based on a standard plastic guitar pick, has a hand burnished surface for a natural warm copper glow, and is very rigid.