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Couldn’t Pick a better Nurse Guitar Pick Keychain in Bronze

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When you break something else besides a string or smash a body part instead of that pesky guitar, the doctors and nurses are there to patch you up and get you back on the tour regardless all the while passing zero judgment about those embarrassing moments like having one beer to many and tripping over your amp.


►To personalize your Nurses Rock guitar pick, simply let us know your custom stamping requests in the custom options box

►With filed edges and polished surfaces, this 20 gauge bronze guitar pick is absolutely playable

►Measuring about 1.3 inch long by 1.2 wide, our guitar pick rocks out our very own in-house design with an added millimeter in both length and width to increase grip area, while retaining a similar geometry an overall size to many common plastic guitar picks.

►The “Couldn’t pick a better Nurse” was stamped by hand one letter at time using a marking kit and hammer. To provide the added contrast, a black patina has been applied to the deep impressions before attaching the pick to a simple keyring.

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