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Dragonfly Artisan Sterling Silver Guitar Pick Necklace as a Fusion of Visual Art and Music

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Melding visual art and music in a harmonious cocktail, this guitar pick necklace challenges the limitations of guitar picks as just plectrums and instead presents the classic guitar pick as canvas for expression.

►To personalize your guitar pick and charm, simply let us know your custom stamping requests in the custom options box at checkout.

►Each brass dragonfly was handsawed from 20 gauge brass using a fine fret saw and fused to the 925 sterling silver guitar pick with an acetylene torch. A light patina serves as a transition between the silver and brass.

►In keeping with the artisan spirit of crafting, we have chosen a black leather cord with adjustable slip-knots however we gladly offer vegetarian options such as a sterling silver link chain upon request.

►With filed edges and polished surfaces, these 18 gauge 925 sterling silver guitar picks are absolutely playable and measure about 1.3 inch long by 1.2 wide which is similar in size and geometry to many common plastic guitar picks, while still rocking out our very own in-house design.