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Guitar Pick Handmade from Hammered Aluminum with Angry Punk Texture

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Ready to rock with one bad ass texture, this guitar pick was cut from 18 gauge aluminum and professionally hammered by an angry punk. While the hammered texture is both unique and eye candy, the practical aspect is this pick is much easier to hold without pick slippage and plays tricks with light depending on the viewing angle. The back of the pick was finished with a smooth brushed burnish to provide a playable surface with a smooth glide.

The Angry Punk Pick is about the same size as a plastic pick, 1.3 inches long by 1.2 inches wide, and has smooth filed edges along with a polished surface to give your fingers and strings a little love. The 18 gauge aluminum picks are extremely lightweight, strong, and rigid


This pick is sold as shown with no custom work due to the hammered texture