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Guitar wall hanger handcrafted in hardwood with paw print design

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Our intricately handcrafted hardwood wall hanger beautifully displays an acoustic or electric guitar along and other string instruments with the added confidence of a strong cradle and stable mounting design. The paw print hanger is one of a series of designs we have created that emphasize the natural beauty of the grain and coloration of various hardwoods.

Keeping true to natural beauty, we finish our pieces with tung oil in place of lacquers, varnishes, stains and urethanes in order to capture and preserve the rich tones of the cherry wood without the risk of harmful off gassing deteriorating or delaminating finally crafted wooden instruments. Starting with a hand drawn master template transferred to cardboard, the paw impression services as a precise guide for successive cuts by a plunging a router until the desired depth enhances three dimensional design for striking wall statements. Hand sanding all surfaces starting with 80 grit and finishing with 320 grit, reveals natural wood grains and the character of the handmade workmanship while providing a classy smooth finish.

Measuring approximately 8 inches in diameter, ¾ inch thick, and shipping with all required mounting hardware including hardwood buttons to cover the screw heads, these paw design instrument wall hanger are always crafted from US-sourced hard cherry. Selected for quality and compatibility with other string instruments such as violin, ukulele and banjo, the US-manufactured String Swing padded yoke is our top choice to cradle your guitar.

We also welcome custom orders for wall hangers in all shapes, sizes, and woods. Since we are both a metal and wood shop, custom designs can encompass complex requests like copper inlays with engraving, plaques, or other unique touches to make your wall hanger as custom as your guitar.  

Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici and RJ