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Play with Me Brass Triangular Guitar Pick for the Flirtatious Bassist

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Handmade and custom crafted for the flirtatious bassist, this unique triangular guitar pick is our own custom design for guitarists and bassists who pump out those amazing rifts and bass lines using a triangular shaped pick and was hand stamped one letter at a time with “Play with Me.”

Measuring 1.15 inches long by 1.15 inches wide, our triangular bronze guitar picks are custom cut from 20 gauge brass using our very own handmade tungsten die and feature hand filed edges along with smooth burnished surfaces for a smooth glide. Unlike many metal guitar pick manufacturers, our primary focus is creating and producing guitar picks from quality metals while always emphasizing the importance of proper finishing to provide our customers with playable guitar picks.

***Also shown in this listing is one of our custom disc guitar pick stands in brass which are not included with the guitar pick, however you can order your disc stand in from our guitar pick stand section