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Sterling silver guitar bracelet with musical inspiration and black onyx gemstone

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Artisan inspired and handcrafted to celebrate the love of music, this guitar bracelet captures the awe of a custom guitar with a one of a kind handmade design sawed entirely by hand from a thick solid 925 16 gauge sterling silver sheet and a rocking out an Onyx gemstone to celebrate black as a color of youthful rebellion. Chased grooved patterns along the neck accented with a dark patina represent the guitar stings and small stars decorating the guitar add fine details to keep the bracelet in tune, while blending in a little magical harmony with the vibrant silver glow of brushed sterling silver.


Starting with just a flat band of sterling silver, the guitar with trailing bracelet ends was sawed free-form using a fine jewelry blade tensioned in a c-frame fret saw and very carefully manipulated along the edges of the custom shape. Once cut, the flat band with the integrated guitar was shaped with a nylon mallet into a perfect bracelet over a wooden mandrel before rounding the end tabs and filing the edges. To create a bracelet that truly rocks, a stone setting was soldered to the center of the guitar and an 8mm onyx was fastened securely in the setting. Stones are not limited to just onyx and your guitar bracelet can be custom ordered with any gemstone or birthstone of your choosing.


Crafted here in a 6.5 inch width for a medium sized wrist, you can order your guitar bracelet in any size with a personalized fit by entering your wrist measurements in the check out notes. Since this is a handmade bracelet made from fresh sterling silver just for you, it is also possible to customize the individual elements of the bracelet such as metal options, substituting your own designs, or rearranging the components to suite individual tastes.


Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions and special requests. Thanks.. Nici