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Sterling Silver Guitar Pick with Brazed Copper Infinity for an Everlasting I Pick You

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Rocking out an enduring statement of love, the highlight of this sterling silver guitar pick is a brazed copper infinity symbol that was sawed entirely by hand without a cutting guide from a flat sheet of 17 gauge copper and joined to an original 18 gauge sterling silver guitar pick. The I pick you was stamped one letter at time by striking a steel lettering kit with a hammer to create deep impressions in silver and then applying a black patina to add contrast to the grooves. A brushed burnish was chosen as a durable finish that will hide the wear and tear of using this pick to play a guitar. Our philosophy in creating metal guitar picks is always to focus on playability first which includes smooths surfaces, filed edges, and metals that produce bright and lively tones.

Since each infinity guitar pick is handmade and hand stamped at the time of order, personalized text such as a name or date can be added to the backside of the guitar pick or you can even customize the front of the pick with your own sayings. As these guitar picks feature solid 18 gauge sterling silver, there is never any concern that the lettering will punch through to the other side. With the dimensions of 1.3 inches in length by 1.2 inches wide, this pick is similar in size and geometry to many larger plastic picks and  offers a comfortable grip for playing a little love song.

This guitar pick can also be ordered with personalized stamping and engravings by entering your requests in the check out notes. Custom orders and requests are always welcome. Please don’t hesitate to contact us or call any time with questions. Thanks.. Nici