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Guitar wall hanger handcrafted in hardwood with Yin Yang design

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Our Yin Yang designed guitar wall hanger was handcrafted in our studio using a two-tone natural wood finish instead of the traditional black and white to emphasize the message of complimentary forces interacting to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the individual parts, hence the balance between Yin and Yang. In this case, the musician and the musical instrument are perfectly balanced in the pursuit of musical creativity.

Focusing not only a unique design but also on the beauty of solid natural US-sourced hardwood, our base provides a strong platform for mounting the String Swing Yoke. Carefully selected for quality, padding and optional alternative yokes for compatibility with other string instruments including violin, ukulele and banjo, the String String Yoke was our top choice to cradle your guitar or other string instrument.

By routing the shape of one of the two elements in the Yin Yang as a recessed level, the second raised element not only contrasts in color but also in dimension with a perfectly matched inter-locking contours dividing the two forces. We finish our design with tung oil in place of lacquers, varnishes, stains or urethanes in order to capture and preserve the rich tones of the cherry wood without risking harmful off gassing which could lead to deterioration and delamination of finally crafted wooden instruments.

Measuring approximately 8 inches in diameter, ¾ inch thick, and shipping with all hardware necessary for mounting on drywall or wood, this Yin Yang Wall Hanger is one of a unique series of handmade custom wooden wall hangers.

We also welcome custom orders for wall hangers in all shapes, sizes, and woods. Since we are both a metal and wood shop, custom designs can include copper inlays with engraving, plaques, or other custom touches to make your wall hanger as custom as your guitar.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us or give our shop a call at 575.737.8521. Thanks.. Nici and RJ