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Nici's Picks Celebrates its Birthday

Posted by RJ Laskin on

Happy Birthday

Today Nici's Picks celebrates its first Birthday, December 13th, as a website separate from NiciArt and we are now starting our Nici's Pick Blog with the latest updates, news, and yes, our tour schedule. Looking forward to 2017, we have decided to once again attend the NAMM Music Tradeshow in Nashville, TN.

As always, the holiday rush leaves our shop in utter chaos with piles of packing materials, metal cuttings, and empty boxes of supplies littering the floor, but nothing that can't be fixed with a good push broom and Shop Vac. When the holidays are over, we might sneak out for a quick romantic getaway and then return in early January to start on the Valentine's Day orders. While our jewelry shop, NiciArt sees more business during Christmas, our guitar picks actually have become a Valentine's Day favourite, so Nici's Picks will once again be burning the midnight oil to keep the love flowing for Valentine's Day.

valentines day

By far my favourite Valentine's Day story came from our first Valentine's Day on Etsy. We had a teen order a guitar pick engraved with her boy friend's name. Two days after placing the order, the young lady sent us a message and asked us if we could change the name as she had just found a new love interest. Of course, we were happy to change the name and even had a small grin thinking back to our own perspectives in those wild youthful days of high school or dare I even say middle school. About 2 minutes before we were about to complete her order, the young lady called us frantic on our shop phone and asked us to change the name back to the original order since she was now back together with Jon. Ah, young love

Generally our customers are incredible and really make this job so rewarding. While I've heard working retail can be misery and the public is crazy, I have to strongly disagree. The guitar picks have brought us in contact with so many great musicians and fascinating people who call to place an order, but end up sharing stories about their tours, Woodstock, or just random adventures on the road. Our first year of Nici's Picks has been an absolute blast. Happy Birthday, Nici's Picks.


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