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Stamping my picks

Posted by Nici Laskin on

Now you might have read somewhere in my shop that I " stamp " the picks . These stamps is what I mean . I have about 20 different fonts to choose from . They are made out of tool steel that is extra hard to withstand to be whacked with a hammer over and over again . Check out my facebook page where I have videos to show you exactly how its done at

I basically take a letter stamp ... place it upside down onto the metal and then whack hard with a hammer . So each letter gets stamped by hand into the surface one at a time .

Why do it that way and not engrave ? Engraving is mostly done with a computer and a laser ( at least now a days ) . Its a very expensive process and its actually pretty dirty . You need a lot of space and a good ventilation . Stamping gives you also a deeper impression while engraving is only on the surface and when you use your picks to play ( as mine should be ) the engraving will get smoothed out over time rubbing away the details . Plus whacking things with a hammer is much more fun .



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