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The joy of living in the Arizona desert

Posted by Nici Laskin on

I love living in the desert . Coming from Germany living here is completely different and sometimes oddly surreal . Growing up as a child I always hated winter the most . When I ventured out of the apartment I was always cold and " frosted " through within minutes . Even then I was drawn to warmth and sun and missed it terribly . When we moved to New Mexico and then to Arizona the only thing I really really missed was water and water sports . I learned swimming when I was 2 years old and could clear a 3 mile lake by age 7 . I discovered Arizona is full of lakes and not small ones ... no big ones . I fulfilled my dream last year and got a kayak . Not a super expensive one . Its a sundolphin from tractorsupply ... and i got a second one an Explorer which is the one in the picture . Hubby has the hard plastic one and took the picture . This is at Bartlett lake ( only 30 minutes from our house ) .

Taking time away from the business is important every now and again as I find myself sometimes just sitting there and staring at the computer instead of filling orders and making new things .

So here is to sunny days and lazy water ways ... cheers Nici

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